Banded Brant PQB Area

The Brant we see here in Eastern Vancouver Island are the Pacific Black Brant population. Many of these birds have been banded in their summer nesting ground. Bands are usually found on the right leg.

Here on Vancouver Island bird biologist  Guy Monty  has conducted brant surveys from February through April with the help of a couple dedicated volunteers since 2000. Monitoring began in 1988 and is one of the largest data sets on a wildlife species ever compiled.

If you are out and about enjoying wildlife and happen to see a banded brant we want to hear from you.We have created a form to help bird biologists to compile sightings by citizens.

Download Brant Leg Band Monitoring Form


Brant Leg Bands

Brant Leg Bands

Please note that this is not a fillable form. You will need to fill out, saveand then email. If you download the PDF you will need  to copy it into your word processing program. It is easiest to simply download the Word version, fill out, save to your local computer and then send as an attachment to the email address provided.  Thank you!

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